WPI Lite Ticket Option New for 2022

We wanted to offer something comparable to last year’s BMG+ option with our own version of WPI Lite.  This option is great for women who want to enjoy staying on the land for more than a one week’s festival option, without paying full ticket price to attend the ‘Music Camp’ portion of our event; rehearsing & performing in ensembles ‘side by side’ with our performance coaches.  Different from last year’s BMG+ option, WPI Lite attendees can enjoy participating in everything else that will be offered; performances, general workshops, dances, movies, vendor crafts, and more!  With our promotional rate of $225 good through 2/28, the average rate to stay on the land is less than $40 per day.  That is less than many RV/campgrounds, with much more for us to enjoy together.  Come join us for WPI Lite!

WPI Lite Tickets!

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