Land Information Details


Below is information provided for gatherings in 2024. Some of this content may change as new information is provided to us from WWTLC.

Arriving on The Land – Opening Day / Load-In

  • Event Participants may arrive no earlier than 9 am on Tuesday, July 30, 2024. Please, understand that CARS MAY NOT FORM A LINE ON THE COUNTY ROAD. Women waiting in line will be asked to leave. Places to wait: Hart, Whiskey Creek Campground store, or John Gurney. Our campground license was, to some extent, dependent upon us promising never to have a line as Festival had, ever again.
  • Event Organizers (EOs) will have at least two women at Front Gate Tuesday at 9 am to receive participants, take tickets (or check off lists for paid attendees if doing tickets by will call), hand out wrist bands and give orientation.
  • If you plan on arriving later in the week, please let your EO know so that security has you listed.
  • Wristbands must be on the wrist for visibility, tight enough to stay on and loose enough to allow our wrists to swell in the outdoor heat. Lessons learned from fest days!
  • The Process:
    • Come through the Front Gate and park in the parking area located to the left inside the gate, then walk to the box office tent to check in and get wristbands.
    • Traffic will be one-way, from the Front Gate to the Back Bate, on Load-In and Load-Out days only.
    • Drive your gear to one of the Gear Drop Off points clearly signed as such and unload gear in 5-10 mins.
    • Drive out the Back Gate, turn right on the county road, and re-enter The Land at the Front Gate, arrange a shuttle from Treeline to Downtown with Event Organizers, if available, then proceed to Treeline to park.
    • The speed limit is 5 mph. Traffic is one-way. ONLY pull off the road at marked Turn Outs and Gear Drop Offs.
  • If arriving in an RV, a WWTLC volunteer will direct RVs to RV area.
  • If you rent an RV and are having it delivered to The Land, you must be at the Front Gate to receive the delivery and to return the RV.
  • WWTLC volunteers will help direct traffic at the Front Gate, the Back Gate, and necessary points in between.

Driving on The Land During Your Event

  • “The slower, the better, darlin’!” When you are driving on The Land keep your speed to 5 MPH or less. Watch for women, cyclists and wildlife in the road. Driving 5 MPH also keeps the dust down.
  • Traffic on Load-In and Load-Out days will be one-way. The minimal vehicle traffic on the road on all other days will run in both directions.
  • ONLY pull off the road at marked turn outs. When you encounter a vehicle coming from the opposite direction – whoever is closest to a marked turn out should pull into the turnout to let the other vehicle pass. This may require one or the other vehicle to backup.

Bicycles on The Land

  • Bicycles on roads only
  • Yield to pedestrians and vehicles
  • Walk bikes on paths
  • Be careful biking on sandy soil!


  • Event participants must depart by 2 pm on Sunday, Aug 4th.
  • Bring gear to one of the marked Gear Drop Offs, then go get car and load gear within 15 mins. Traffic runs one-way again, from Treeline parking out the Back Gate.
  • Event Organizers may organize shuttles, but also we encourage women to share rides to the parking lot when loading out.

Camping on The Land

There are three tent camping areas and two RV areas, marked on the map:

* Former DART and Over 50s area * Former Workerville camping (quieter camping, please) * Former Jupiter Jumpoff (across the road from the RVs at Triangle) * Smaller RVs at Triangle, in the former One World and Workshop area * Larger and overflow RVs at Treeline

  • Look up before you set up. Don’t camp under dead limbs or trees.
  • Wheelchair-accessible camping will be in the former DART area.
  • Inform your EO of your electricity and mobility requirements before your event so that they can effectively anticipate your needs.
  • All electric needs MUST be pre-registered. We cannot guarantee electricity will be available, unless participants have registered.
  • All wheelchair-accessible campsites must be pre-registered.

RVs on The Land

  • If having an RV delivered, the woman renting the RV must be on The Land during delivery AND pickup. WWTLC and her volunteers assume no liability or involvement for/with RV rental transactions. If you have rented a RV that is being delivered to The Land, you must meet the delivery at the Front Gate. Deliveries will not be allowed prior to the opening time and day of the event. If there is a male driver of the RV, they must be escorted to place of set up for the RV and then back to the Front Gate. Rental RVs will follow this same procedure when the RV is to be picked up at the end of the event. Event Organizers also assume no liability or involvement for/with participants’ RV rental transactions.
  • Generators can only be run between the hours of 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. When running a generator, please limit to one hour, and then wait at least two hours before running again. Generators are very loud; please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Larger RVs should not attempt to go past Treeline as there has been no trimming as was done during festival. The larger taller rigs might snag trees on rooftop appliances, such as ACs. Large RVs will be the exception to the one-way traffic flow guideline Load-Out day, as they will need to travel from the RV areas, out the Front Gate.


  • Fires will be allowed in WWTLC designated fire pits only. WWTLC will provide firewood, a shovel and a fire extinguisher at every fire pit.
  • The former Women of Color fire pit will remain WOC-only space.
  • There will be someone designated to be responsible for making sure the fire is out at the end of the night. But if you see an unattended fire, do put it out if you know how to do so safely, or inform someone on WWTLC or the event staff. Safety first!

Water / Showers / Dishwashing

  • Where well water will be available:
    • Drinking well water spigots will be activated in “Downtown” areas only: near the Community Dining Tent, along the asphalt path near the former “Oasis,” at the Community Dishwashing area, near the EO and WWTLC Office, near the Volunteer Kitchen, near the former “Crafts” toilets, across from the DART area toilets, near the Community Showers.
  • Well water will not be available at many of the locations it was previously available during Festival. For example, WWTLC will have infrastructure (tents, toilets) at Triangle, Treeline, and the Front Gate, but running water will not be available in these areas; however, drinking water will be provided in Igloo coolers with spigots and will be refilled routinely with fresh water.
  • Community showers, including a new ADA wheelchair-accessible shower stall, will be located in the former DART area, along with a toothbrushing sink.
  • Community dishwashing, including a new ADA wheelchair-accessible dishwashing station, will be located near the former Main Kitchen Prep area.

Toilets / Hand Washing

  • There will be 8 toilet stations on The Land this year:
    1. Front Gate will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit
    2. Treeline will have smaller units only
    3. Triangle will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit plus smaller units
    4. Former “Gaia”/WOC area will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit plus smaller units
    5. Former “Crafts” will have smaller units only, as the path is not wheelchair-accessible
    6. Former “DART” will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit plus smaller units
    7. Former “Oasis” area will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit plus smaller units
    8. Former “Nightstage Parking” will have an ADA wheelchair-accessible unit plus smaller units
  • Each toilet will be stocked with hand sanitizer.
  • Each toilet station will be outfitted with a foot-pump powered handwashing station and soap.
  • Each toilet location with an ADA wheelchair-accessible toilet will also be stocked with Water Wipes and soap, as the rented handwashing stations are not accessible to everyone.
  • Please utilize the smaller toilets if able, to ensure the ADA units are available to those women who require accessible toilets.

Electricity / Medical Needs / Lighting in Tent Camping and Downtown Area

  • We would ask that women keep in mind that this is a camping situation, and as such to consider saving electric availability for medical needs. External batteries or solar chargers to recharge cell phones are a very reasonable alternative.
  • Medical refrigeration will be provided at the EO Office Tent, near former Nightstage Parking.
  • The Large Community Activity Tent will have electric string lighting. The Community Kitchen will have lighting. The Community Dining Tent / Small Community Activity Tent will have solar or battery-powered lighting. Please, turn the lights off when not in use.
  • Where electricity will be available:
    • Covered tents in the DART Accessible Camping Area and DART RV Camping Area at Triangle
      • In the tent camping area, we anticipate capacity for ~ 32 CPAP machines plugged in at any one time in DART – either for charging, or for corded use during sleeping. Please consider renting and/or purchasing batteries/solar devices for your CPAP needs – as your budget allows. Direct wire-to-CPAP in your tent will require that your tent be no more than 100′ from the panels. You must provide your own approved extension cord; extension cords must be good quality, 12 gauge, heavy rubber cords with a ground (third prong), and factory molded ends (no manually repaired cord ends).
      • If scooters need to be charged, please note that scooters/electric mobility devices take up twice the electric, so if there are two scooter charging spaces needed then there would be 28 CPAP outlets available. RV charging will be 1/3 of these totals, so about 10 CPAP or 8 and 1 scooter, 6 CPAP and 2 scooters, etc.
  • Community Kitchen
  • Large Community Activity Tent; electricity for a small amount of stage equipment will be provided.
  • Event Organizers Tent
  • The Front Gate

Electricity at RV areas

  • No electric supply will be provided direct to RVs
  • Charging stations for medical equipment and accessibility scooters will be 1/3 of the totals for the tent camping area -about 10 CPAP or 8 and 1 scooter, 6 CPAP and 2 scooters, etc.
  • Generators may be utilized for short periods of 1 hour. Specific schedule will be provided upon arrival.

Community Kitchen / Cooking and Eating on The Land

  • We strongly encourage participants to use the Community Kitchen to keep food garbage centralized, to discourage critter population growth, and for fire safety.
  • The Community Kitchen tent will have several tables for prep and cooking.
  • Large coffee and hot water urns will be available at the Community Kitchen. No pots, pan, dishes, silverware, nor coffee, tea etc. will be provided.
  • We encourage women to bring propane stoves for use at the Community Kitchen. 2 burner Coleman stoves are easy and highly recommended.
  • A limited number of propane grills will be provided at Community Kitchen with instructions and a tutor, if needed.
  • A few coolers will be provided at the Community Kitchen. Ice will be available, for a small fee at the Office area. Keep the critter proof straps around the coolers at night.
  • Critter-proof your food, no matter where it is. Raccoons have been known to get into tents through zippers or tent walls to get food, or food smelling toiletry items (i.e. toothpaste).
  • Make sure all garbage is deposited in garbage cans for nightly pick up.
  • Accessibility – the Community Kitchen will have a wheelchair-accessible floor
  • Ice will be available for purchase close to the Event Organizers tent.

Helpful Guides from the Community:

Security / Communications and Gate Hours

  • Gates will be open Tuesdays from 9:00 am to Sundays at 5:00 pm. Security staff will be on duty at the main gate 24 hours a day during events, and Sunday and Monday nights from dark until dawn. Anyone with a wrist band for that week may come and go at any time.

In Case of Emergency

  • In case of a medical emergency, dial 911 from a working AT&T cell phone or a landline phone, located in the Office, at the Front Gate and possibly Triangle (we’re hoping!).
  • In case of a non-life threatening but major concern, call the on-call, local WWTLC staff phone number provided in landline phone booths at the Front Gate and possibly (fingers crossed!) Triangle.
  • Please note: landlines will be limited to local calls (area code 231) only.
  • Emergency instructions will be posted on the Office door, under the porch light. An airhorn will be located on a table beside the office door. Blow the air horn to call for help, if you can’t reach anyone by phone.
  • WWTLC will provide very basic first aid supplies at the Office or Event Organizers tent. No medical staff or volunteers will be available.
  • The nearest hospital is:
    • Mercy Health, 72 State St., Shelby, MI 49455 (231) 861-2156
  • This is a small hospital, but does have 24 hour Emergency Room
  • A larger hospital with more services is:
    • Spectrum Health Medical, 1 N Atkinson Dr., Ludington, MI 49431. (231) 843-2591.
  • Event Organizers should have a vehicle and driver designated to transport any woman in need to the hospital, if necessary.

Landline / Emergency contact number

Closer to the summer event season we will provide a number to use to reach The Land. This number can be used for general questions after June 30th and as an emergency contact number.

Sound / Noise Ordinances

Per the Crystal Township Sound Ordinances, quiet hours will be between 11 pm and 7 am. This doesn’t mean that absolutely no noise can be made after 11pm. It means we need to limit amplified sounds or very loud acoustic (such as large numbers of drums) sounds after 11 pm. It may be possible to get a permit for a late night dance party with amplified sound. As of yet, we have not scheduled one for WPI or WPI Lite.

Geography of The Land

You will find much more open space than you’re used to in the former festival times. A map is provided outlining the various areas and community tents at the bottom of this page. Click here to view it.

Community Tents / Tables / Chairs

Big top tents, with sides, will already be set up for your use when you arrive:

  1. A 20’x30′ Community Kitchen Tent, close to the former Main Kitchen watermelon-cutting tree, with a wheelchair-accessible floor, and a wheelchair-accessible path from the road. Preparation tables of varying heights will be provided.
  2. A 20’x40′ Community Dining Tent, set up over the wheelchair-accessible asphalt pad at the former DART serving and dining area. This space can be used as another activity tent outside of dining hours, if desired. Tables and chairs will be provided.
  3. A 30’x45′ Community Activity Tent, close to the location of former Cuntry Store, with a wheelchair-accessible path. Tables and chairs will be provided. A small (8’x8′) make-shift stage / platform will be provided. A wheelchair-accessible ramp will be built to the platform.

Event Organizers are responsible for raising or lowering the sides of the tents, as desired.

Wheelchair Accessibility on The Land

Resources allowing, WWTLC hopes to improve upon the existing pathways and wheelchair-accessible amenities every year. This year, we have incorporated the following list into our planning.

  • There will be new wheelchair-accessible pathways between the Community Kitchen, Community Dining Tent and Community Activity Tent.
  • There will be wheelchair-accessible pathways within and around the Community Activity Tent.
  • There will be new resting stations along the sloped paths in and around the former “Workerville.”
  • There will be ADA wheelchair-accessible toilets at the Front Gate, Triangle, GAIA/WOC, DART, Nightstage Parking, and Oasis.
  • There will be a new wheelchair-accessible dishwashing station in the Community Dishwashing area.
  • There will be a new wheelchair-accessible shower stall in the Community Shower area.
  • “Water Wipes” and soap will be provided near all toilet stations for handwashing beyond the hand sanitizer within the toilets.
  • The Community Kitchen will have a wheelchair-accessible floor.
  • There will be a ramp leading up to the makeshift stage in the Community Activity Tent.
  • There will be some new wheelchair-accessible grid pathways in the road to stabilize the sand to allow crossing and in some areas where the asphalt pathways typically get flooded or are buried in debris.

Special note: We ask that women without mobile disabilities utilize the smaller toilets to keep them available for those who need them. Also, please be mindful of women in wheelchairs and scooters on the pathways, to give them the right-of-way. Thank you for your consideration!

Updated COVID Policy


COVID-19 Policy and Impacts 2024

Understanding that we continue to live with the coronavirus, we are continuing to update our formal COVID-19 policy. At a minimum, we will follow CDC and State mandates for campgrounds and outdoor gatherings. Our intention is to best support and maintain the safety/health of volunteers and event participants in our rustic environment. There are many things that we do know with certainty now, and there are still many unknowns and things that will be determined as we move closer to the summer.

As of January 2024, Michigan’s outdoor camping/festival-type events do not require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests, nor do they require masks. This is consistent with current CDC and Michigan guidelines.

However, we know we are not like the rest of “Area 51”. WWTLC encourages all Community members to continue to take care of each other, including getting vaccinated if you can, testing before arriving at The Land, and wearing a mask when it’s impossible to maintain 6 feet of social distancing. If anyone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, or tests positive for COVID-19, or should otherwise be isolating or quarantining within 5 days before arriving on The Land according to CDC guidelines, we ask them to please make a responsible decision to stay home to avoid endangering the health and safety of the Community. The following are the COVID-19 guidelines that WWTLC is anticipating as of January, 2024. We will keep Event Organizers up to date as circumstances evolve.


Maximum Capacity: Event capacity will be limited to 500 participants. This maximum number of adult camping passes may be increased by mutual written agreement between all involved parties. Requests to increase the maximum number of adult camping passes must be received and agreed to at least 30 days prior to Event start date.


Masks and Social Distancing:

Masks and social distancing are not required by the state of Michigan at this time. Out of respect for immune-compromised women, we may ask that everyone wear a mask in covered/indoor community spaces, such as portable toilets, and when unable to maintain 6’ of social distance, such as when riding the shuttle.


Cleaning and Disinfecting: All community use areas, including but not limited to showers, toilets, and tents, will be cleaned and disinfected on a yet-to-be-determined schedule by WWTLC volunteers. These areas will be completely closed during posted cleaning times so that cleaning and disinfecting of WWTLC-provided equipment can be efficiently completed.


Community Tents and seating:  The use of tent sides may be limited to prevent the creation of inside spaces and to allow for maximum ventilation. Tent sides will be provided for stage tent(s) to protect equipment. Tables and chairs may be placed to accommodate social distancing in the Community Dining Tent.


Being Prepared if Someone Should Get Sick: There will be designated isolation areas for tent and RV campers who have COVID symptoms or who have tested positive but do not have symptoms. There will be a plan in place to safely transport the sick individual to a medical facility, depending on how severe their symptoms are.


Communicating if Someone Should Get Sick After Leaving The Land: We ask that Participants who test positive for COVID-19 once they leave The Land let Event Organizers and WWTLC know immediately.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ticks have been present on The Land for well over the last decade. The blacklegged tick (formerly known as the deer tick) is present on The Land. This tick can carry Lyme disease. We are attempting to minimize the possibility of exposure through preparation of The Land, and education of visitors to The Land. Oceana County hasn’t been formally identified by the State of Michigan as having ticks which transmit Lyme disease, but the counties immediately to the west of The Land have been identified. We are aware of at least one case of Lyme contracted by a woman on The Land. We will mow the areas that will be used this summer to help minimize the risk. Below is a link to a website to help you educate yourself about ticks and Lyme prevention:

Directions to The Land

From Hwy 31 going North, take exit #149 into Hart Turn Right, East on Polk Rd. Turn Left on N. Oceana Dr. Turn Right onto W Tyler Rd, go 7.8 mi Continue onto N 144th Ave, go 4.9 mi Turn right onto E Madison Rd, go 1.5 mi Turn left onto N 156th Ave, go 3.1 mi Entrance to The Land is on the R

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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