Scholarship Donations

We’re very excited to announce that $300 was generously donated to us to pass along to bowed string players who want to participate at this year’s WPI Festival On the Land Music Camp for Women & Girls, and are in need of financial assistance. We would like to give $100 each to three players, so that more than one person can benefit from this scholarship opportunity.  Contact Us

We have a donation program in place to help women experience the WPI Festival On The Land, who may need some financial assistance. If you’re able, please donate in $25 increments towards serving this cause when registering!

For another way to support this festival, financial assistance, & WWTLC, visit WPI’s Festival Products page.  There, you find festival related product i.e. painted cajons.



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Thank You

Laurie A. Jarski – Director of WPI Festival On The Land