Sunny Pfifferling-Irons

Sunny Pfifferling-Irons In the early 1980s, Sunny Pfifferling-Irons witnessed her first ASL interpreter on stage at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and never experienced music the same way again. That moment eventually led to a mid-life career change, and finally realizing her dream of interpreting women’s music festivals. She currently lives the Gypsy freelance life interpreting in a wide variety of venues, including medical, mental health, college and business. She lives on a small farm in Indiana with her wife, daughter, and loads of adorable critters.

Hands On Lyrics workshop is for anyone who wants to learn ASL. No experience needed! You will be introduced to the basic concepts and rules of American Sign Language, learn some signs, and we will work on interpreting a song or two (or more!) to present at the Grand Finale.

Sunny’s WPI Introduction