Summer Osborne


Summer Osborne is an award winning American singer-songwriter, TEDx Speaker, Artist Activist, Motivational Speaker, and Spiritual Collaborator who entertains audiences throughout North America with a fusion of music and spoken word. Her platform is creating space for humanity to heal and grow, while facilitating the shift that she calls a “Spiritual Revolution”. {Performance Experience}

Revolution, as in turn.
Spiritual, from the latin – Spiritus – to breathe.
What gives you breath? To expand… and to release?

Summer creates an emotional odyssey of exploration and self-discovery, encouraging you to dismantle your human suit to reveal the relationship that is ethereal…
The Soul Connection.

“This is Your Call” earned her a nomination from the International Music and Entertainment Awards for Best Spiritual Song – and won a RightOutTV Music and Video award for Best Song with a Social Message. But it is the title track from her 8th album, “As I Am” that is regularly healing spirits and being used by therapists and spiritual congregations of several faiths and settings.

She is currently touring to promote her latest album, Spiritual Revolution, which has been hailed as humanity’s call to action.

Summer has performed at numerous spiritual centers, gatherings and churches that embody new thought. These are comprised of Christian, Atheist, Pagan, Unity, Unitarian Universalist, and Emmanuel Lutheran congregations across the North American continent.

Experience a tapestry of love that comes to life in an extraordinary way.
Awaken to a new perception and purpose. It will leave you lighter, make you stronger, and give your feet direction.

“I have come to challenge your consciousness; to see if you can break these chains. Open your heart, open your mind, to feel things you cannot see…
And you will never be the same.” -Summer Osborne