Renée Janski


Renée Janski can not remember life without music. She’s been a composer, music teacher and performer for over 30 years. Janski has toured with Big Bad Gina and works with Muses on the Road. She has 5 albums and is working on her 6th. She is a celebrated composer, coach and arranger.

She earned her degree in Opera from UCA. Janski has performed operatic and oratorio pieces internationally and played nationally with various rock, bluegrass and jazz ensembles, like Big Bad Gina. Her Rollicking Solo shows are hilarious and thoughtful and keep her audiences thoroughly entertained!   Janski has owned her own music studio for 25 years. She teaches piano, bass, fiddle, and voice, and has had many students that have gone on to have major musical careers. Janski loves teaching and hopes to keep doing so for many years.
Janski, a Buddhist and yogi, has an active spiritual life and believes that it has a huge influence on her work and music.  Her Roma ethnicity also plays a huge role in her musical style.

Janski resides in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas with her wife, RJ and their dogs Dolly and Rainbow.


ginger doss and renee janski ~ urban elements

S. J. Tucker featuring Renée Janski, The Ballad of Lilah Rose, May 2018