WPI/RISE Non-Performance Festival Ticket & Registration Form 2024 (Adult)


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The WPI/RISE Festival On The Land Ticket entitles recipient a full pass to all non-performance activities and events while on the land at WWTLC, Tuesday, July 30- Sunday, August 4 (6 days).  WPI participants can load in beginning at 9:00 am, and will load-out by 2:00 pm on Sunday, August 4.

Activities include;  Performances, ensemble rehearsal workshops for performance and non performance opportunities, jams, open mic/jam forums, other workshops, vendor fair and more.  Camp ensemble classes not included with this ticket purchase.  Here’s the link to the full camp ticket!  WPI/RISE Full Camp Festival Ticket & Registration Form 2024

Camping, RV Camping is available.  Several food options are available.

Ensembles for Non-Performance Participation:  TBD

WPI Festival On The Land Registration

This is a registration form for WPI (Women's Performance Initiative) a.k.a. Women Play Instruments Festival On The Land, Music Camp for Women & Girls. This registration and paid in full fees, entitle festival goers to all workshops and performances while on the land at WWTLC (We Want The Land Coalition) in Hart, MI.

  • Contact Information

  • Supply Primary Contact Number
  • Music Performance Participation Information

    Intensive Rehearsal schedule of 1-2 hours per ensemble, Wednesday-Saturday, July 25-29, and Festival Grand Finale Concert with performance coach on Saturday, July 29. These sessions are rehearsals aimed for performance preparation, not actual instruction on how to play or sing. Individual private instruction may be available within other workshops. Please indicate your 2 top ensemble choices of interest. Scheduling will allow for each participant to be a part of at least two performance ensembles. All performance levels are welcome!
  • Depending on programming, the WPI Female Fusion Orchestra aims to include as much instrumentation that musical compositions, space and logistics permit. Please indicate interest.
  • Please indicate instrument you wish to rehearse/perform in the WPI Female Fusion Orchestra (While inclusivity is our aim, the instrumentation may be limited for certain pieces programmed with FFO.)
  • If you selected 'Other' in previous drop down menu, please type primary instrument of choice not included in dropdown list for the FFO.
  • Please describe playing ability on your primary instrument of choice to rehearse and perform with the FFO. Please include experience with both reading and playing music 'by ear'.
  • Please type primary instrument of choice not included in dropdown list for ensembles other than the FFO.
  • Please describe playing ability on your primary instrument of choice to rehearse and perform with the FFO. Please include experience with both reading and playing music 'by ear'.
  • While WPI plans to provide as many music stands as possible. If you're able to bring a folding music stand, that would be helpful and would provide less work for our volunteers.
  • We will have safe climate regulated storage available to us while on the land for the WPI Festival. If utilizing storage, please attach a name tag to your instrument/s placed in storage.
    While it will be WPI's primary aim to place, each musician into their first two choices of ensembles, we also will want to fill each ensemble, with musicians, consider logistics, i.e. available seating, music stands, space limitations and other desired instrumentation and sound reinforcement equipment.
  • Camping & RV Information

  • Disability Needs Information

  • Do you have a disability or use medical equipment that will require some assistance or accommodation to make it possible for you to attend this festival?
  • please explain your need. (example: use of manual wheel chair, electric wheel chair or scooter that will need charging, medication that needs refrigeration, CPAP, ASL interpretation)
  • Will you be bringing a service dog? (or service animal required due to a disability)
  • that my service dog/animal on The Land, must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, per ADA guidelines. Service dogs/animals must be under control at all times. I will utilize pet rest areas as marked on The Land, and will clean up after my service dog/animal, or ask another for assistance.
  • Demographic Information

  • Financial Assistant Information

    While we are not in a position to allow complimentary entrance to WPI Festival On The Land, in consideration of price of land use, coaching/performance costs, along with other festival related expenses, we may be able to offer alternate financial solutions. Answering the following questions may help with arriving at workable solution.
  • Workshop Information

  • Workshift & Volunteer Information

    We will need volunteers to help out in the Community Kitchen, driving shuttle, load in, load out, rehearsal space assistance, etc.

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