Nancy Day

Nancy Day began writing her own music and lyrics before the age of five and has made her living at music since 1982. She felt a specific calling to bring her commitment to, and love of music, to diverse audiences through the years as a performer, singer/songwriter, vocalist, pianist, producer, studio musician and dynamic entertainer. Nancy has produced seventeen albums of original music and lyrics, has written music and lyrics for five musicals, and has toured throughout the US and Canada as a solo artist and with other musicians. Nancy dedicates her time and energy to helping us all overcome hardships through her empowering lyrics and poetry, and uplifting, romantic and unforgettable melodies. Nancy toured with her original Survivor music, for those recovering from abuse, violence and sexual assault, and presently continues to include songs of hope and healing for all kinds of survivors. She has received numerous awards for her healing music and performances. She is known for her spark of spontaneous humor in every show and she creates songs “in the moment” with lyrical ideas provided by every audience. Nancy has written music in support of many causes and she cares deeply about creating a world of acceptance and love, human rights and freedoms as well as inspiring us all to care about the future of our planet. You are in for a one of a kind treat and memorable experience with the very original Nancy Day.
Improvisation and Songwriting Workshop with Nancy Day:
Are you interested in exploring music as a songwriter?  Are you already writing and wish to improve your skills and wanting to gain more confidence? Do you have a mountain to climb, or a personal obstacle? Are you wanting to open yourself to improvisation as a musician/writer but don’t know where to start?  Are you wanting to better your skills by daring to be present and “in the moment” with your own unique and creative energy? You might even want support and ideas for starting the composing of your own songs. Come and join Nancy and she will invite each one of you to share and begin the process of overcoming fears and moving forward with your own musical journey. The performance at the end of this workshop will be presented by all of you and will become its own original showcase because or who you are as Nancy meets you and finds out what is most possible.  Nancy teaches improvisational musical theater and songwriting workshops/lessons and has directed and founded concert choirs through the years. (including the First Women’s Choir of Pittsburgh). Having taught private voice, piano and songwriting lessons for many years, Nancy understands that each individual has a different history, goal and desire as a performer, and artist. Enjoy this workshop of discovery with Nancy Day!
Find Your Voice/Build Your Voice with Nancy Day:
Do you sing? Want to sing? No matter your history there are doors to open. There are steps to take in order to find
out where you are in your relationship with your voice. Nancy wants to find out where you are and help to open those doors, strengthen your voice and stamina, and make sure you are supporting your voice in ways that will bring your voice into the world! The performance will include two or three songs that most fit the group’s needs and individual needs. She will assess from your stories what makes the most sense about what songs and some solos in those songs for your performance. This is not a competition. This is about loving yourself enough to want to become more as a vocalist, even in the privacy of your own home. The songs performed will be diverse in style on purpose. There are ways to approach different styles and this will also be discussed and implemented. Nancy looks forward to meeting all of you!