Gaye Adegbalola

Gaye Todd Adegbalola (Ah-deg-ba-lola) (a/k/a Miz A) has been a full-time, award winning blues musician since 1988.  A founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women (1984 – 2009), she continues to perform, lecture and teach today.

In her class, she will present  2 or 3 blues songs playing slide in open G tuning.  She will then “dissect” the songs mainly sharing the slide technique. This instruction will include selecting the slide, which finger to use it on, use of finger and thumb picks, chords & tuning and, of course, the songs.  The goals is to be able to perform blues song/s, doing vocals with slide guitar, for the student showcase.
This class is basically for beginning and intermediate guitar students who are able to fingerpick, but do not play slide.  The attention will be on rhythm riffs and not lead slide solos.  This is for the guitarist who is wanting “another weapon in her musical arsenal.”
Students should bring the following to class: guitar, tuner, slide, thumb, finger picks and, ideally, cell phone to record songs.