C•O•R•E tet String Quartet

from left to right:  Laurie A. Jarski, Ann Cirvencic, Jaclyn Burke, & Lexi Terrian

The C•O•R•E tet String Quartet formed two days before the 2020 COVID shutdown, at which time we mapped the vision for this quartet to encompass a commitment to presenting concert performance pieces already in the vast repertoire as well as supporting new works in the string quartet repertoire.  In the short time since, we have performed pieces for new composer’s works, notably the Nine Trees of KL Ave Sent Underground, composed by Laurie Jarski, commissioned by the Resonance Project of Kalamazoo, 2021.  Recently in the Spring of 2022, the C•O•R•E tet String Quartet presented three major concerts featuring Beethoven’s Quartet, Opus 59, No. 1 in F major, and Schubert’s Quartet, Opus 29, 125 in D minor, across Michigan.  Also, the C•O•R•E tet String Quartet served as the string quartet in residence at WPI Festival On the Land Music Camp and Festival in July, 2022.  Most recently, the C•O•R•E tet String Quartet performed Schubert’s Octet in F major with the Arcadia Concert, December, 2022.  The next major concerts for this quartet are planned for Spring of 2023, and then again at WPI Festival On the Land Music Camp, July, 23.