Child Meal Plan (0- 12 years)


WPI Festival On The Land Child Meal Plan (0- 12 years)

One meal per day at dinnertime, catered and served buffet style by Gloria Ann’s Catering using some familiar recipes!  If you choose to purchase the dinner plan, please bring your own plates and silverware each night.

Choose between meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.  Child plan for kids 12 and under.  Note:  Gluten free meals are NOT made in a gluten free Kitchen.

Meal Plans are only available for people who have purchased WPI or WPI Lite Tickets.  If you have not already done so, get WPI or WPI Lite Tickets HERE.

If you purchase more than one plan, please list names in the notes.

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WPI Festival On The Land Child Meal Plan Menu (0- 12 years)

Note:  meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available for those who choose those meal plans.

Gluten free meals ARE NOT made in a separate gluten free kitchen

Day 1 Tuesday– Homemade Meatloaf or Vegan Nut Loaf, mashed potatoes w/gravy on the side (vegan potato option), cob corn for all w/butter on the side, 3 bean salad (vegan), roll and butter

Day 2 Wednesday- Ground Beef or turkey taco meat (vegan taco meat option), Grilled Chicken Strips, black beans, soft shell tortilla (some gluten free as needed), spanish rice, condiments of (onion, hot peppers, salsa, sour cream), cold salad w/cucumbers tomato, shredded carrots and 2 dressings), corn tortilla chips and salsa

Day 3 Thursday- Sloppy Joe (gluten free bun available), Vegan/Vegetarian Sloppy Joe (1 gluten free bun), 3 bean bake beans w/onion and bacon (vegan/vegetarian option available), sweet carrots w/butter (we can do a vegan option is needed), pasta salad

Day 4 Friday- Brats (include ketchup, mayo, mustard packets and onion), Grilled Burgers (gluten free bun available), Grilled Veggie/Vegan Burgers (gluten buns available), assorted chips 40 (option vegan chips), signature mac and cheese, fresh fruit

Day 5 Saturday- Grilled Chicken and Veggie Roast On Balsamic Noodles w/Parmesan, or Grilled Veggies on Balsamic Noodles option, garden salad/ranch and Italian mix, garlic bread w/vegan and gluten free options

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Adult Dinner Plan (13 years & up), Child Dinner Plan (1-12)


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